Fortify Engineering
01 Mar 2018


An article describing how to deploy SSC on AWS Elastic Beanstalk is now available. The article goes through the requirements for provisioning an instance of SSC on Elastic Beanstalk and the steps for automating SSC configuration. Read the article.

20 Nov 2017

SSC JavaScript sandbox released

A sandbox project including samples and workflows with the SSC REST API has been released. This project is intended as a tutorial to encourage learning the API and a quick way to get started.

This API is always tested with the latest GA release of SSC, starting with 17.2.

Samples are NodeJS based with a swagger genereated code layer for calling into SSC. We are constantly looking to add scenarios so please contact us with scenarios you are interested in seeing. In this initial release the following scenarios are provided:

  • Authenticating
  • Create user and assign user to versions
  • Create application versions
  • Generate tokens
  • Generate reports / track progress / download report
  • Get issues from project version(s)
  • Batch predict / train Audit Assistant
  • Upload Fortify Project Report (FPR) / track progress / download FPR
  • Export API info


Online documentation

20 Nov 2017

SSC 17.2 - Overview and motivation - New Plugin Framework / Setup Wizard

The 17.2 release introduces some major changes in SSC including a redesigned plugin framework to support a growing need to sustainable integrations and a new and improved way to setup SSC.

Read more here

20 Nov 2017

SSC Plugin framework Sample Parser

The 17.2 release intoduces a new plugin framework that supports new third party parsers, read here for some more details. A sample parser plugin has been published to github including documentation. Refer to the On-Premise repository list for more information.

28 Sep 2017

Fortify Security Github Pages Launch

Welcome to the new landing page for keeping up with Fortify Engineering’s Open Source components, tools, and announcements. More coming soon.